4.1   Preference (where possible) for all forms of advertising shall be given in the following order:

1.    Rosemont Mount Royal Community Association and RMRCA affiliated Groups & Partners.

2.    West Zone Board & West Zone affiliated groups

3.    Groups whose facilities are used for RMRCA programs/events.

4.   City  of  Regina  —  community  services

5.    School  groups  (PTA/SRC)/Church  groups  -  within  the  RMRCA  area

6.    Public  Service  Announcements

7.    Other  Groups  (including  Youth  Groups)  -  in  and  out  of  area

8.    School  groups  (PTA/SRC)/Church  groups  -  out  of  the  RMRCA  area

9.     Individual  RMRCA  members  for  personal   messages

10.  Businesses  (newsletter/online  only)  in  and  out  the  RMRCA  area




#1  -  #5  shall  not  be  charged  for  advertising    &


 #6  -  #10  shall  be  charged  for  advertisin


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