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Membership Cards

For over 30 years, the Rosemont Mount Royal Community Association has worked to bring a variety of sport, recreation, culture and social programs to the people of this Community.  Serving over 4,000 homes makes the RMRCA one of the largest community associations in the City of Regina! 

RMRCA depends on the Family Membership Cards that are sold each year to the Community. RMRCA uses these funds to keep your community vibrant by bringing the events and programs that you want to the area.  Funds are also used to make donations to neighborhood schools and charitable organizations; to provide scholarships to youth volunteers and to print newsletters to keep you informed… just to name a few!


Purchasing a Membership Card from the Rosemont Mount Royal Community Association is a great way to support your community, the Association, and to stay informed about RMRCA programs and events.

A RMRCA Family Membership Card is available to any family or individual for a small price of $5.00 and is valid for one year, September 1 – August 31st.



Family memberships assist your Community Association in continuing their service to you.

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