The Rosemont Mount Royal volunteers have won numerous awards for their achievements in our community.

Year       Names of award recipient(s):

2020     Dan Riess and Marianna Topos

2019      Anya Costain and Reid Hill


2017      Theresa McQuoid

2016      Harmanjot Kahlon

2014      Glen Nichol and Michelle Kasick

2013      Donna Inverarity and Heidi Forsythe

2012      Tribute: Debby Staruiala 

2010      Susan Bogues and Rob Hartman

2009     Don Pankewich and George Obasogie

2008     Heather Wenarchuk and Hollie Cameron

2007      Deb Conlin, Tribute: Steve Bogues

2006      Steve Bogues, Wanda Emmons and Debby Staruiala

2005      Loretta Gimas, Joe  Staruiala and Stan Lyons Tribute: Helen Adams

2004      Debby Staruiala Tribute: Morley Bogues

2003      Phil Selenski 2002 Steve Bogues and Wilma Whyte

2001       Doug Adams and Roberta French Tribute: Elaine Dittmann

2000      Dawn Dyck, Lorne Palmer, Helen Adams and Jim Emmons

1999       Betty Palmer and Allan & Michelle Kasick Tribute: Keith Deeks

1998       Dennis Zawyrucka Tribute: Judy Zawyrucka 

1996       Wilma Whyte and Carol Schimnosky

1995       Kay Bould and Mary Barss  Tribute: Lorne Palmer

1994       Peter Dittmann and Peter & Gloria Broshko,   Tribute: Helen Adams

1993       Janet Woolsey, Tom Shkwarek and Lorraine Shkwarek

              Tributes: Elaine Dittmann and Dawn McDougall

1992       Wilma Whyte, Judy Zawryucka and Ann Richards

1990       Gailene Rasmussen, Ann Richards and Steve Bogues

1989       Janet & Glen Woolsey, Cheryl Coller and Vic McDougall

1988       Des Silver, Jill Lawson, Helen Adams, Caron & Randy Seivewright, Pam Moffat,

              Elaine Dittmann, Janetta Woolsey, Sue Wolbaum, Doris Horbeck and Penny Stoudt