The Rosemont Mount Royal volunteers have won numerous awards for their achievements in our community.


Year  Names of award recipient(s):

2019 Anya Costain and Reid Hill


2017 Theresa McQuoid

2016 Harmanjot Kahlon

2014 Glen Nichol and Michelle Kasick

2013 Donna Inverarity and Heidi Forsythe

2012   Tribute: Debby Staruiala 

2010 Susan Bogues and Rob Hartman

2009 Don Pankewich and George Obasogie

2008 Heather Wenarchuk and Hollie Cameron

2007 Deb Conlin, Tribute: Steve Bogues

2006 Steve Bogues, Wanda Emmons and Debby Staruiala

2005 Loretta Gimas, Joe  Staruiala and Stan Lyons Tribute: Helen Adams

2004 Debby Staruiala Tribute: Morley Bogues

2003 Phil Selenski 2002 Steve Bogues and Wilma Whyte

2001 Doug Adams and Roberta French Tribute: Elaine Dittmann

2000 Dawn Dyck, Lorne Palmer, Helen Adams and Jim Emmons

1999 Betty Palmer and Allan & Michelle Kasick Tribute: Keith Deeks

1998 Dennis Zawyrucka Tribute: Judy Zawyrucka 

1996 Wilma Whyte and Carol Schimnosky

1995 Kay Bould and Mary Barss  Tribute: Lorne Palmer

1994 Peter Dittmann and Peter & Gloria Broshko,   Tribute: Helen Adams

1993 Janet Woolsey, Tom Shkwarek and Lorraine Shkwarek

        Tributes: Elaine Dittmann and Dawn McDougall

1992 Wilma Whyte, Judy Zawryucka and Ann Richards

1990 Gailene Rasmussen, Ann Richards and Steve Bogues

1989 Janet & Glen Woolsey, Cheryl Coller and Vic McDougall

1988 Des Silver, Jill Lawson, Helen Adams, Caron & Randy Seivewright, Pam Moffat,

        Elaine Dittmann, Janetta Woolsey, Sue Wolbaum, Doris Horbeck and Penny Stoudt

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